Twitter Reacts as Gay boy writes Santa a letter, asks if God loves him


With Christmas around the corner, kids across the globe are wishing for Santa to bring them their favorite toy, However, a child named Will, who says he’s gay, only wants one gift – to know if God loves and supports queer people like him, reports The Indian Express.

A Twitter user found his letter from The United States Postal Service Operation Santa website, and she said that it broke her heart. Have a look:

“Dear Santa, do you support the LGBTQ community and if you can speak to God, can you tell him I love him, and if he loves me for being gay,” the letter read.

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However, some people were left teary-eyed, Many stated that it is the parents’ responsibility to make their kids feel loved, despite whichever label they choose to identify with. While some slammed the conservative society for making lives difficult for children.

Meanwhile, some Nigerians were not impressed by Wendy’s cover of Pretty Mike. Many stated that she did not fact-check some of her statements as they were wrong while others noted that she could have done proper research.

Read some comments below:

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AGramuglia, said

That is the most heart breaking thing. And the worst part is that if this kid is asking this, then there is a huge chance they might not be receiving the love they need.




It absolutely kills me that our society, at any time at all, and especially still present day, could engrain this awful thought in anyone’s mind.

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