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UEFA releases All Time Champions League XI

UEFA has unveiled It’s list of top XI footballers to ever play in the tournament. The list which includes the current top two Balon D’or winners Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus also has most of Spanish legends featured in the list.

Contrary to public expectations, the selections were made by UEFA solely on individual contributions to club’s achievements in the prestigious league. Six players out of the eleven are if Spanish origin, six players have played for Fc Barcelona, three players have worn the Real Madrid jersey, and nine players total have played the La Liga.
Undoubtedly, Spain has produced the best footballers in Europe.

  1. Iker Casillas.

The former Spanish shotstopper is placed at the goal post as the XI choice. The former Real Madrid goalie has won two champions leagues, 2010 World Cup and holds the record of the most clean sheets in both competitions.

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  1. Sergio Ramos.

The Real Madrid captain makes the defender’s XI spots. Sergio is inarguably one of the best defenders in the world, having many La Liga and champions league titles to his name.

  1. Gerald Pique

It’s a hat trick for Spain. Gerald Pique is rated among the most experienced defenders to ever play the game of football. The Barcelona man has 3 champions league titles in his collection and innumerable La Liga titles.

  1. Carlos Puyol

So far the entire Spanish football team is being named. Puyol deservedly earns a spot as one of the best defenders in football history. The former Barcelona captain deserves to be in the UEFA XI.

  1. Philipp Lam

The German defender makes his way into the list as one of the best defenders the UCL has ever seen. Lam played for Bayern Munich and absolutely proved his mettle in the league.

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  1. Andres Iniesta

Another big win for Spain and also a hat trick for Barcelona. Iniesta’s role in the champions league throughout his career cannot be ignored. He is definitely one of the best in the world. The Barcelona man has won 3 champions league titles.

  1. Xavi Hernandez

And Spain does it again, the UEFA really does supposed to be renamed after La Liga. Xavi is considered to be among the best XI of all time typically because the Barca man is a master at the game. He retired with 3 UCL titles to his name.

  1. Steven Gerald

The English midfielder grabs a spot in the best XI because he really deserves to be on the list. Gerald is guru in the game of football and his clever passes and powerful shot keeps him abreast of potential competitiors.

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  1. Lionel Messi

The Argentine living legend has completely personalized the game of football. With six Balon D’or trophies, Messi is definitely the greatest player of all time. However, with only 3 UCL titles, Messi makes the list of UEFA XI

  1. Thierry Henry

The game of football can’t be mentioned without Henry, the former Arsenal and Barcelona striker is clearly among the best players to ever play in the UCL. Henry has so many La Liga titles in his collection, winning also the champions league with Barcelona, he is considered as one of the top goalscorers in the UCL.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese captain has more Champions league titles more than any other player in history. Grabbing also 5 Balon D’or trophies. Ronaldo is definitely one of the best players to ever kick a ball. He is top goalscorer in the champions league, also bagging a record of 750 career goals, with 100 International goals. Simply put, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best.

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