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Unilever to Remove Word “Normal” From Beauty Products Across World to Promote inclusivity

The maker of Vaseline, Lifebuoy, Axe, Sunsilk, Dove, and among others Unilever, has decided to remove the word ‘normal’ from all its beauty and personal care products.

The move from the London-based company, which is one of the top advertisers in the world, comes as it tries to move beyond the backlash it has faced for some of its advertising campaigns, Reuters reports.

Taking a step towards ‘Positive Beauty’ campaign, the mega brand announced that it will stop digital alterations of body shape, size and skin colour of models in its advertising to be more inclusive of people from diverse groups.

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In a recent tweet, Unilever explained what it meant by Positive Beauty. “It’s brands that not only do less harm, but also do more good for people and the planet. That’s why we’re saying #YesToPositiveBeauty, and our beauty brands are removing the word normal from ads and packs all over the world,” the company tweeted.

Just last year after facing consumer ire over negatively stereotyping darker skin tones, Unilever was pushed to rename its top selling skin-lightening brand in India to “Glow & Lovely” from “Fair & Lovely”.

More recently, Unilever was also forced to pull all of its TRESemmé hair products out from retail stores in South Africa after backlash over an ad.

Unilever said that it is setting out certain progressive changes to the brand to “champion a new era of beauty which is equitable and inclusive, as well as sustainable for the planet”.

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“Over eight in ten people (83%) think that using the word ‘normal’ on beauty product packaging and in advertising has a negative impact on people. This includes making people who don’t feel as though they have ‘normal hair’ or ‘normal skin’ feel excluded or feel bad about themselves,” Unilever said.

More than a hundred Unilever brands will remove the word ‘normal’ to describe skin type or hair texture, and replace it with terms such as ‘grey hair’ for shampoos or “moisture replenish” for skin creams, the company said.

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