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Vampire-obsessed bodybuilder pays £300 to transform her appearance with vampire’s teeth

While most people are scared of blood-sucking vampires, a US woman is so obsessed with them that she has got a set of her very own fangs fitted onto her teeth! Yes, 34-year-old bodybuilder Sara Holda, of Nashville, USA has transformed her appearance with vampire teeth that cost her almost £300.

Not only that, she is also considering some extreme facial procedures to make her face look more like Angelina Jolie’s in Maleficent.

Notably, she was obsessed with vampires and witches since she was a little girl. In school, she Part of a witches’ coven at school, then graduated to becoming a real life vampire, splashing out $400 (£292) on fangs as a Christmas present to herself in 2019, before spending another $100 (£73) having them enlarged last year.

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“I’ve always been so fascinated by vampires, too – the fact they have eternal life, super strength, their look, the biting of the neck thing. Everything about them is so cool to me. Everyone’s obsessed with eternal youth and is getting plastic surgery to keep it these days – and vampires are beautiful forever, too,” she told Metro UK. As a child, she also loved superhero cartoons like X-Men and vampire movies like the Blade franchise.

Not just the vampire teeth, she has had botox injections in her forehead and cheeks regularly for the past six years to look youthful.

“I was on the treadmill at the gym one day back in 2010 and was watching these guys lift weights. They looked like they were having so much fun. So, I just got brave and went up to them and asked them if they could teach me how to do it. Seeing my body change – even within the first month – from boobs and curves into muscle, was really addictive,” she added.

Sara now hopes to encourage people to express their inner selves through their bodies too.

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She told Ladbible, “People like to trick out their cars or decorate their homes, but the body I live in is my home on this earth, so while I’m here I’m going to trick it out too and make it nice. You only live once – although for a vampire that can be forever – so just do it.”

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