We won’t allow Lawan to block Buhari’s impeachment – Senator Fadahunsi



Senator Francis Fadahunsi of Osun East and Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Customs and Excise, has indicated that he and others will not allow Senate President Ahmad Lawan to prevent President Muhammadu Buhari’s impeachment if he fails to address the country’s insecurity.

The Senator, who spoke to media in Abuja, stated that the majority of senators from all political parties have already voted no confidence in Buhari due to his administration’s incapacity to confront mounting insecurity in the nation.

Fadahunsi also questioned the President’s capacity to address the country’s present security concerns in six weeks after failing to do so for seven years.

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“We have been talking and giving suggestions on how we could end the insecurity challenges facing the country but the Head (Senate President) is hooked to the Villa. He has been frustrating all our moves to take drastic measures against the President.

“We have now made up our mind to strike now that the iron is still hot instead of wasting our time, cooperating with the Ahmad Lawan leadership while the nation is being destroyed by terrorists with no plan by the government to stop them. We won’t wait until we are all killed.

“We have now decided to pull out of the ‘rubber stamp’ arrangement so that the whole of Nigeria would know that we have not been in support of the failing economy, the huge debts accumulation, falling naira, insecurity across the country and the unprecedented forms of corruption going on in the polity.

“Unfortunately, the man heading us now (Lawan) was leading the opposition lawmakers before and was challenging the rots in the system then. Now, he doesn’t want anyone to challenge Buhari’s government when things are falling apart every day. Any leader that opposes such a challenge in a democratic setting must also be challenged because we are elected by the people.

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“Go and interview most of the senators. There is no effective oversight of the ministries, departments, and agencies of the Federal Government. Buhari will bring the budget and his people here will want us to pass it as he brings it. No examinations and heads of MDAs are doing what they like.”

The Osun federal lawmaker also claimed that impeachment processes will begin as soon as his colleagues returned from their present six-week yearly break on September 20.

“Those who voted for Buhari in 2015 felt he could contain the insecurity being a former military general,” Fadahunsi continued. Unfortunately, things are getting worse under his watch and he appeared helpless. That is why we resolved that if we come back on September 20 and discover that the situation is still the same, with no appreciable steps taken, we would impeach him.

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“We will first impeach anyone who says we will not impeach Buhari. If anybody tries to block us here, whether the Senate President or anyone in the Senate, we will remove the person.

“Mr. President is finding it difficult to sack his non-performing security chiefs while those terrorizing the nation are not being arrested. There was tension everywhere and something drastic had to be taken.”

Source: lindaikejisblog

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