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roundnews24GeneralPerceived Abundance; the Nigerian wealth mirage

Perceived Abundance; the Nigerian wealth mirage

Year’s back, Nigeria was one of the top in the agricultural exportation sector, especially in oil palm. The ear in which wealth was, truly it boosted our nation’s economy.

Year’s passed and everything changed with the discovery of crude oil in our land, suddenly channeling eyes to it’s wealth forgetting our former.

Everyone has shifted focus on Nigeria’s crude oil, what about the agricultural system? As such fighting for power to rule, with the idea of this mirage.

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In May 2020, crude oil deteriorated in price order, to $20/barrel, with Nigeria almost begging for buyers at such price. With the pandemic devaluing our crude.

The truth is crude oil won’t last us forever as many nations has gone beyond using crude oil, Japanese government are investing money to manufacture electric cars. Which is gradually eradicating crude oil usage

Of course the Americans use nuclear for power supply making it very impossible to use generators that has the capacity to use our crude.

This market of crude looks big but believe me it is slowly leaving worlds economy. We are only living with perceived wealth.

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Let’s invest in our agriculture, technology, and in our intellectual property for there’s a future in all of these.

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