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Wisdom; the principle thing

Every one has the tendency to be wise, but most times our pride and ego takes us far away from wisdom.

A certain young man who had enough certificates decided to seek another level of knowledge from a higher source, so he was directed to meet a monk.

On reaching the temple, he saw and old man, whom he was told to be the monk leaders.

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He walked in and saw him sitting alone, he told the monk what he needed (knowledge of course), the monk gladly offered him a sit and requested for self introduction.

The young man began listing his various achievements and certifications and this was too random. The old monk stood up brought a cup to him.

Boiled some coffee, brought It down while still listening the young man, began pouring the hot coffee into the cup in the young man’s hand

He was still listing more and more of his achievements, so when the cup got full, he didn’t notice, but the old monk did.

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The coffee over flew and poured on the young man. He jettisoned his talk and stood up quickly for the hot coffee had poured on him.

He got angry and asked the old monk why he did that, the monk pointing to the door said “your cup is too full, nothing else can be added, go out empty your cup and come back when you are ready to learn”

A lot of us feel so full that we think our knowledge can make us wise. But no! Wisdom is not intellectual.

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Intellect is just a knife that cuts open anything, it is so sharp. Identity is the hand that holds the knife(intellect). But for wisdom, it is the body.

And the body contains the hands, legs, etc. For one to be wise, you ought to posses a certain identity knowing that wisdom is what you need with absolute humility.

Poverty is not measured in affluence but in wisdom.

*How wise you are creates wealth*

But most times we feel intellect is wisdom

Remember intellect is just a knife 
Identity is the hand that holds the knife (intellect)
But wisdom is the entire body… Get wisdom for your wealth is measured in the amount of wisdom you possess.

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