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Woman Falls Off 650-ft Cliff After Saying ‘Yes’ to Boyfriend

A romantic proposal took an unexpected turn for a couple after the woman slipped and fell down a 650-foot cliff immediately after saying ‘yes’ to her boyfriend.

The incident which took place on the top of the Falkart mountain in Carinthia, Austria on December 27.

In a bid to save her, the man also jumped but was left hanging 50-feet through the air. However, their story did not end on a tragic note as the couple was rescued.

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A passerby spotted the woman on a bed of snow and alerted authorities who later rescued her. Fortunately, she does not have any life-threatening injuries.

The man was rescued by a helicopter crew and was immediately taken to a hospital. He has been diagnosed with a vertebrate fracture.

“The two were extremely lucky. He flew 15 meters through the air. The woman fell 200 meters over rocky terrain. Had it not been for snow, it would have turned out very differently,” an officer at the scene reportedly said.

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