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Woman marries her Stepson, after divorcing her husband giving birth to their First Child

A 35-year-old Russian blogger has been making headlines after announcing her wedding with her 21-year-old stepson Vladimir ‘Vova’ Shavyrin, ahead of welcoming their baby girl, who has not yet been named.

The woman, Marina Balmasheva, who is a weight-loss influencer has over half a million followers on Instagram and has known her new husband Vladimir since he was seven.

According to a Daily Mail report, Marina was previously being married to his now father Alexey Shavyrin, 45, who now cares for their five adopted children.

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She divorced Alexey after living 10 years together and he has previously accused her of seducing his son when he came home on holiday from university.

Alexey said, “She seduced my son…He had not had a girlfriend before her. They were not shy to have sex while I was at home. I would have forgiven her cheating if it wasn’t for my son.

“She was running to my son’s bed from our bedroom when I was sleeping. After that, she was coming back and lying in bed with me as if nothing had happened.”

Marina give birth to girl two days back in the maternity hospital in Krasnodar, who she father with her stepson and since then she has posted several photos with the baby on her Instagram account.

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However, she has not revealed the baby girl’s face yet as her partner had reportedly instructed her not to show the girl’s face. She said, “Dad does not want to show our daughter yet. That’s why the view is only from the back… We are thinking about the name.”

Earlier, Marina had also revealed

Speaking to her fans, details about her pregnancy and how she went through a succession of plastic surgery treatments to make herself attractive to her new spouse who she calls ‘the most charming blue-eyes in the world’.

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she said, “So many people tell me to use makeup because of my young husband. But there is one thing – he fell in love with me with all my scars from plastic surgeries, cellulite, excessive skin and personality. And I do not want to seem better than what I am.”

She also told how she insisted on a prenup so that she keeps all her money and assets in case of divorce from her new husband.

Speaking about her marriage with her previous husband Alexey, she said that it was ‘not living but pretending’. She said, “Did I have regrets that I destroyed the family? Both yes and no. I was ashamed that I killed the stability of “mum and dad”.
Did I want to return to my ex? No. Do I feel anger and hatred towards him? Not any longer.”

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