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Woman Shares How Landlord Offered To Reduce house rent, If She’d Send ‘Boob Pics’

A woman identified as Georgia Linehan from Canterbury who went for house hunting has been left stun after a ‘landlord’ offered to bring down her rent in exchange for nude photos, reports the Daily Mail.

Horrified with the incident, Georgia Linehan took to social media to expose the man and highlight how dangerous some people on the internet can be.

In a post, she shared on twitter She screenshots the upsetting Whatsapp chat with the ‘landlord’. Which appeared like a regular conversation At the beginning as the man sent Georgia pictures of the fully-furnished property. And, when she inquired, he told her the rent is £695 per month. Georgia then told the man she’ll think about it and get back to him later.

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However, the conversation took another turn when the man suggested a disgusting arrangement to reduce the rent. He told Georgia that he owned a modeling company and he could deduct £200 (Rs.18000 approximately) from her rent in exchange for 2 pictures of her breast.

Upset by the incident she asserted it was the ‘last time’ she would refer to classified advertisements. Georgia also added: “I cannot stress enough how much I hate men.” She at that point girls to be safe and mentioned how difficult things are for a woman as they easily get sexualized and exploited.

In that event, local authorities offered to help her after seeing the disturbing chat

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