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Yemi Alade criticizes SWAN logo, says women have money too.

Iconic Nigerian female singer Yemi Alade seems unimpressed with the logo designed for the new unofficial organization known as the Stingy Women Association of Nigeria (SWAN).

SWAN was created shortly after some social media users trended SMAN which stands for Stingy Men’s Association of Nigeria. A group which is claimed to protect the resources of men and prevent them from overspending on women.

The trend which actually started off as a joke on social media gradually gained recognition as many people acknowledged and identified themselves as members, showing off their identity cards on their pages.

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In retaliation, some ladies announced the forming of the opposite organization called SWAN to counter the agenda of the other counterparts.

Yemi Alade took to twitter to share her dissatisfaction with the logo of the newly created SWAN which depicts the midsection of a woman with her legs crossed. She argued that women also own wealth which they might choose not to be philanthropic with as in the case of SMAN.


That leg twisting padlock inspired logo is shit na! Women have money wey dem no wan give too na!.

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Following her tweet, some of her followers maintained that the SWAN logo connotes a woman’s body as the only benefit she could offer her male partner, which in the long run depicts women as sex objects.

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