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Your identity matters

Identity is a key to success in life, and at times, wrong identity curtails success. This is because identity is magnetic.

Recall the saying “birds of same feathers flock together”, this phrase potentially talked about an identity. The relationships you identify with in particular.

Imagine being friends with a smoker, drinker, womanizer, that’s obviously what others will think about you. Most times an identity becomes threat to security.

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Likewise success, for one to succeed, you ought to be identified with something. You can’t be identified with wrong books, videos, music etc and still feel you would be successful.

Identity places certain humans in a category of being matured, optimistic, and even educated. Thats why most times our mode of dressing becomes our identity too.

You can’t obviously dress like a rascal and be identified as normal. It isn’t done that way.

Change your identity and you will attract more favour.

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