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It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, fluffy clouds glide across the pale blue sky. As beautiful as the day began, I walked into my office taking off my glasses, plugged my headphones just to get inspiration.

I bowed my head thinking of how nice today would rain blessings on me. Moments later I looked up opening my eyes and set to work.

This is me a contract staff whose income is nearly $400, yet I have dreams to accomplish, missions to begin, purpose to fulfill.

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I took a walk to the window watching the lands my estates have to be built on, yet my income is not even close to a 5% fulfill the multi-million dollar empire I worked with.

My thoughts took me back to the past, I waved it off trying hard to focus on what needed to achieve. suddenly i heard a soft knock on my door, the secretary! sir, she called then with a smile saying your attention is needed by the CEO.

At this time I knew It was a happy moment.
I quickly dropped all the thoughts and rushed to the office of the president.

My first time setting my eyes on him, tall, muscular, white-skinned, dark hair, and looking smart. I greeted after accessing his good looks, good day sir! In reply, he offered me a sit.

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Ground his chin, looking up at my face he asked “how are you?” I responded excitedly.
The conversation began, with just one question that changed my entire life. Who are you? I smiled and answered with my name, and other self introductory words.

He only looked at me and said “you have just 2 hours to either be promoted to a new position in this empire or to be sacked by just answering that question when you ready to answer that you come back at my door, for now, have a nice time”.

I was mute as goosebumps dominated my entire skin, I got back to my office thinking hard, I surf the internet and found exactly what I replied to be the answers. Just then I remembered some words from one of Tonny Robbin’s book” Awaken the giant within” precisely on page 92, was a saying by Buddha “we are what we think. All that we are arises. With our thoughts. With our thoughts. We make our world”.

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I knew I had something to offer this world and that was the true definition of myself, I walked back to the president’s office, this time with mixed emotions, tensed in appearance but bold inside of me. So I summoned my courage downloading all I had inside of me, telling my true self what I needed to achieve, what missions I had, what dreams I wanted to accomplish.

He smiled at my answers, stood up and walked up to me, he said whispering in my ear ” young man you needed just a push to realize what you need to offer this world, and with my position as a CEO, I will love to support your dreams if only you will give me the chance. I am HOPE! so he said to me.

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