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BREAKING: Ruto Declared Winner Of Kenya Presidential Race



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William Ruto has been proclaimed the victor of Kenya’s presidential election, only seconds after the primary count was halted due to scuffles.

Currently serving as the nation’s vice president, Mr. Ruto defeated Raila Odinga for the top position by garnering 50.49% of the vote.

Following the announcement of his victory, Mr. Ruto said, “We are here this evening to witness this momentous occasion as the people of Kenya restate what is in Article One of the Constitution of Kenya, that all Sovereign Power belongs to the People of Kenya.”

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“I want to thank God for getting us to this point, I want to thank God that today we have concluded this election.

“I know that there were predictions that I wouldn’t get to the ballot, there were predictions that we wouldn’t get here, but because there is a God in heaven we are here, and I want to in a very special way to say, and to confess, that without God we wouldn’t have been here.”

Earlier, there was mayhem in the Nairobi hall, including chairs being hurled, bottles being shattered, and a podium being overturned.

International observers and diplomats were escorted out as supporters of Mr. Odinga and Mr. Ruto clashed with the police.

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After the deputy chairman of the electoral commission and three other commissioners repudiated the results, the planned announcement of the election results plunged into chaos.

Two commissioners and the commission’s chief executive were hurt in the scuffles and are being treated.

Source: Sky News

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