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US Judge Blocks President Trump’s Order to Ban TikTok From US App Store

US federal Judge on Sunday blocks TikTok ban in a second ruling against Trump’s efforts to curb popular Chinese services. This is the second time that the TikTok ban has been delayed as Trump initially ‘gave a blessing’ to the company’s US deal with Oracle and Walmart.

Although the popular app was set to be effectively banned from Sunday night, US District Judge Carl J Nicholas questioned whether TikTok had been given enough opportunity to defend itself before Trump issued an executive order last month barring the app from online stores, citing that the ban “was a largely unilateral decision with very little opportunity for plaintiffs to be heard”.

Trump has been fervently trying to curb Chinese mobile apps, however, his efforts seem to have been restricted repeatedly. Last week, a federal magistrate blocked the proposed removal of the WeChat app from the US app store citing First Amendment issues.

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Earlier this month, the US government announced that it will bar people from downloading Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat due to concerns over “national security” and “any provision of service to distribute or maintain the WeChat or TikTok mobile applications, constituent code, or application updates through an online mobile application store in the U.S. will be prohibited”.

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