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Confirmed coronavirus cases surpass 10,000 in Africa

In a report by the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention ‘Africa CDC’, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 10,075 in Africa and the death toll reached 487.

The Africa CDC, in its latest situation update issued on Tuesday, disclosed that the confirmed COVID-19 cases were spread across 52 African countries.

It additionally disclosed that 913 people who have been infected with the COVID-19 have recovered across the continent as of the stated period.

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In the midst of the fast spread of the virus across the African continent, figures from the Africa CDC also show that more than 897 new confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported across the continent since the center’s recent report on Sunday, in which the confirmed cases have increased from 9,178 on Monday to 10,075 on Tuesday.

The death toll has also increased from 414 on Monday to 487 as of the stated period, according to the Africa CDC.

The African Union, through Africa CDC, has already initiated its Emergency Operations Center and its Incident Management System (IMS) for the COVID-19 outbreak on January 27.

The Africa CDC had additionally built up its third Incident Action Plan that covers the period from March 16 to April 15.

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