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Mixed reactions as lady incites violence against public preachers.

A young lady has been dragged on twitter by religious folks when she made a tweet that promotes violence against public preachers. The lady identified as Shesus @Theifedolapo posted on her twitter handle encouraging people to hurl sachet water at anybody found in public places preaching.

Her statement can be explained as a proposed wanton assault on a supposed offender. In view of this, anybody found preaching in a public environment is viewed as a noise pollutant which some people believe is provocative.

In her own words, Shesus stated thus:

Normalise stoning people that evangelise in public spaces pure water.
I said what I said.
Drop your opinions in this hole > 🕳️

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Her tweet drew the attention of Christian faithfuls who shared mixed feelings over her speech. The Christian faithfuls maintained that they are not deterred and won’t be bullied out of their mission by the threats. Some asserted that the attack would be welcomed as the water could serve as palliative from spending time under the sun.

See some comments below:

PSHEGS @pshegs
A demon wrote this. Always knew demons now use the internet proficiently. I see.

Jules ❤️ @ekpe_emediong

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Hey sweetie. I want to let you know Jesus loves you and sends those people to tell you this. There’s so much he has put in you and only him can reveal it to you. No one knows a creation more than his creator.
You don’t have to accept this now, but I hope someday you’ll realize
He’s waiting patiently for you to let him in and receive his love for you.

SSEA- Mrs A! @thessea_

I’d RT this Tweet from Monday with addresses of where my folks
& I would be per time!
Pure/gutter/pepper water slap, stones, insult, all manner, no be today we don dey collect am. IT’S OUR TROPHY!

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Ọlọlá ti dé @AkintolaTosin_

Water go finish be that na
But no wahala because out of our bellies flow rivers of what!!!!! LIVING WATER dear…Drink and never thirst again.
Also normalize pushing those who preach in buses out of the bus.

Shine Shine Bobo @Lanre_Kolade

Pure hate for people who love you enough to tell you the gospel

Geestar @grace_kaalu

Imagine people walking around with bags of pure water, stoning multitudes.
Because what?
We will be many that will preach this gospel.
We will be many!!

Olawunmi Abraham @AbrahamOlawunmi

You better bring a pure water factory to where I’ll be at oo..

TheFavourPhronesis @FavourYusuf1

Why not just use stone?
Or what exactly are you afraid of?
Our faith is built on the blood of many martyrs.
What is purr water?

Auntyglowstitches @theglowstitches

those that sell things inside the bus too, fling them from a bridge. In fact, if the bus conductor is shouting Ojuelegba pour hot water on him. I hate rubbish abeg

Imago Dei. @call_me_mercyj

Hello @TheIfedolapo
, there is a holy God that loves us. And to bridge the gap that our sins created between us and him, he sent his son Jesus to die in our place.
If you believe that, he’s waiting with open arms to receive you, and to give you a new life.
God bless you.

All Life/Life Empire @laratops24

Really, it’s no surprise, this is you preaching the gospel more crazily than Paul in the next three months dear.

Steven Omole @OmoleSteven

If you’re thrown some pieces of pure water in public for giving your opinion or something else, how will you feel? Isn’t that disrespectful?
How much more for someone doing something that is not bad. I pray the eye of your understanding will be enlightened beyond this and more


Normalise stoning people who drop unsolicited opinions

Olajide George @jidegeorge1

When Muslims block road on Friday afternoon, go and stone them and come back to tell us the story. Pls try it.

TRAVELOGUE (Poetry for those who hate poetry!)

Shop owners blare their music loud in the open, bus conductors tout noisily around for passengers…you don’t see any normalcy in stoning them but it’s street evangelists and bus preachers you have a problem with? Lmao… Go to a corner and cast out the legion of demons in you!

Mamba ⚪ @Bosiinde

Even if you’re agnostic, learn to fucking mind your business and respect people’s right to freedom of religion. Nobody gives a fuck if you’re an atheist or agnostic. No one is going to stone you pure water for being an atheist…


Is it normal? Its a disturbance and seems like forcing someone to hear what you’ve got to say.
The poster didn’t mean it in a literal way of stoning the guys.. i think her message is that people preaching and shouting in public doesn’t make sense..

I Teach Coding, Lagos @Samuel_Orogun

Terms and Conditions Twitter,
is this tweet advocating for violence against People of Christ
(PoCs) okay or should the account be banned ? ?

Vocal PhysicalTherapistShield @TeeMee_I

Under the umbrella of “disturbance” of public space? Get ready to stone many folks in Lagos then, from the person hawking, to the conductors, shop owners etc
Unless you have a vendetta against Christianity

Longdi-LoisHerb @Yar_mupun

You can stone the messenger but not the message.

Akoka KENNETH HAGIN ⏺ @__Adeboye

Ordinary water? E no go reach o
Ensure to bring a big bowl along so we can do “water baptism” for those who want.

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