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Roll-Royce Phantom Being Used As A ‘Taxi’ in India

In today’s modern world, we see a ton of mind-blowing stories, from a fearless 10-year-old kid who fends off thieves that stone his bag to a girl that inks her eye so that she can look like his favorite rapper.

Indeed, this story isn’t in any way about the above-mentioned stories, according to INDIA TIMES, a gold older-generation Roll-Royce Phantom with a ‘taxi’ sticker and a yellow number plate was spotted in Kerala, India. The luxury car was being carried on a truck.

A social media user, Sirish Chandran on twitter spotted the car and posted a picture online with a caption “This is real.” which went viral as so as it was shared.

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However, some who knew what was going on and whose car it truly was. Turns out, the Rolls Royce Phantom belongs to an Indian businessman Boby Chemmanur who is the owner of Oxygen Resorts in Kerala, India.

I guess this is where we would state ‘use money to find money.’ The car is being used as the pick-up and drops service for the people who will come and stay at the resort for 2 days for a price of NGN124k, a Twitter user said.

See video below,

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