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roundnews24NewsSegalink is not a fraud - Kelvin Odanz.

Segalink is not a fraud – Kelvin Odanz.

A social media user identified as Kelvin Odanz @MrOdanz has defended Mr. Segun Awosanya a.k.a Segalink of fraud accusations associated with the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria.

Mr. Odanz, in a series of tweets narrated the various humanitarian services executed by Mr. Segalink, including his selfless desire to fight for others. Mr Segalink has been the brain behind the #EndSARS protests since 2017, using his organization, Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation as a tool to bring justice and succour to oppressed citizens.

Mr. Odanz insisted that his last actions during the street protests against SARS doesn’t in any way make him a fraud. He explained that Segalink supported the government’s decision to curb the protests in order to prevent some interest groups from hijacking the protests to achieve their hidden agenda.

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For three years straight, Segalink literally halted his life to fight for you. You could DM him by 2am and he’d leave everything he’s doing to attend to you.

Then they told you he is a fraud, that he works for the police and you ran along with it completely; hook, line, sinker.

Let’s pretend that the smear campaign against him wasn’t about who gets full recognition for the #ENDSARS protest.

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Somehow those who were mocking men for being killed by SARS for three years suddenly emerged heroes of the protest against a menace affecting mostly men.

And the person who actually dedicated all of his life for that same fight for three fucking years get tagged a fraud because of your OWN disagreements with him.

You ridiculed him, slandered him, rubbished his past work, trolled him, harassed him online and offline.

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Not sure that action will ever be forgiven sha. And all of you who joined in that campaign are also stupid idiots.

You can disagree with Segalink over certain things and that’s fine. But you see that campaign against him? Everyone involved was and remains an idiot. Stupid idiots

And just to be clear: Segalink wasn’t even against the protest per se. He just strongly suggested that the protest be halted at some point to give room for talks before it gets hijacked. Maybe he used the wrong words to convey his message, but his advise was quite valid tbh

And I get that himself and feminist co aren’t best of friends and he might have allowed his sentiments about their involvement in the protest push him towards suspicion and use of unnecessary languages at that point. But what he was saying at that point was valid

At the end of it all,things went South and we involuntarily found ourselves at the negotiation tables,on the terms of our oppressors.

Anyway,those who led a smear campaign against him with zero evidence can suffer the same fate as him.Whatever they said you did,you did that sh*t.

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