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roundnews24NewsStop chasing women : Samklef advices guys.

Stop chasing women : Samklef advices guys.

Nigerian producer & artist Samklef took to twitter to lecture guys on the need to avoid excessive demand for relationships from ladies. Instead he proffered a convenient solution to meet the need by encouraging men to divert that energy towards another goal.

It’s a norm for every young man to desire an intimate relationship with a suitable lady, for both parties to exchange mutual affection and other perks and fun that comes with relationships. Some guys also seek to interact with ladies just for the pleasurable benefits and as such willing to go any extent to achieve their wishes.

Whichever way, the Nigerian producer advised that the idea of courting any lady on empty pockets isn’t the ideal strategy. He invariably warned that such practices should be discontinued. However, Samklef reiterated that if proper attention is made towards attaining an affluent status, one wouldn’t need to go seeking for ladies to court. The reverse would actually be the case.

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In his own words, Samklef counselled that ladies would follow any guy who paid attention to making money rather than making empty promises.


” Stop chasing woman chase money. When u make money Na woman go chase u. “

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