8-year-old girl walks miles to get help for her dying mother

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An 8-year-old girl walked for miles to get help when her mom crashed their car into a ditch, officials say.

The girl was found safe after a civilian saw her wandering alone on Tuesday near Riceboro in Liberty County, about 38 miles southwest of Savannah. Her mother, Mandi Morehouse, was found dead later that day, NBC News reports.

According to multiple news outlets, Morehouse and her daughter had been reported missing from neighboring Long County.

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After the crash, she and her daughter apparently made their way into the woods trying to find help, according to the station.

Mandi Michelle Morehouse, 32, became unresponsive after she and her 8-year-old daughter spent two days wandering in the wilderness, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.
“It appears they got lost and slept in the woods overnight,” Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said.

But later, the 8-year-old decided her mom needed help, WJCL reported. After journeying alone for 3 to 4 miles, the child had a chance encounter, according to WJCL.

After a rescue operation was lunch, Morehouse was found dead in the woods more than a mile from where the car crashed.

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The detective said the girl was wet and cold when she was found, however, appeared to be OK. She is now with family members.

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