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Baby Born with Two Mouths in US Gets Duplicate Oral Cavity Removed

A rare case, of a 6-month-old baby girl born with two mouths successfully, underwent surgery to have her twin mouth removed.

The baby was born with Diprosopus, an extremely rare condition that causes duplication of facial parts.

BMJ, explain that Diprosopus or duplication of craniofacial structures is extremely rare, with only around 35 reported cases since 1900. Duplication of specific structures, such as the ears, nose or eyes is possible.

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A report by Sciencealert stated that during a regular check-up of the woman in her third trimester an unusual mass on the right side of the baby’s mouth was detected. However, even after the ultrasonography, the medical experts were unable to resolve the problem.

Initially, doctors thought the mass on the baby’s face might have been a cyst or a teratoma, (when one twin absorbs another.) It was only after the birth of the baby that it was found that there is a second mouth that includes lips, “un-erupted teeth”, and tongue that moves in sync with the main tongue.

Patient’s second tongue prior surgery. (Hamberis et al., BMJ Case Reports, 2020)

Luckily for the little infant, the second mouth does not create any issues with the baby girl’s feeding and breathing process.

According to doctors at the South Carolina medical university, the skin around the second mouth sometimes develops a “raw surface” and a clear fluid, which they assume is saliva.

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Since the second mouth had no direct connection to the main mouth which is used for eating, speaking, breathing and more, doctors decided to operate on the duplicated oral cavity.

While the operation was successful, doctors’ reports state that though the girl could eat and use her mouth without complications, she was unable to move her lower lip.

The little girl photographed after surgery. Photo: BMJ Case reports

A similar incident happened in 2011 when a 15-month-old Egyptian baby Rokaya Mohamed was operated upon by doctors in the United States who successfully removed a second mouth replete with the second set of jaws.

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