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Lionel Messi And Other Barca Players Cast Vote for Barcelona Presidential Election at Camp Nou

Lionel Messi cast his vote for the FC Barcelona presidential election on Sunday. The voting has been started on March 7 for the election for the new president as Joan Laporta, Victor Font and Toni Freixa are the candidates for the posts.

After the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu, the interim president of Barcelona is Carles Tusquets.

In the crucial election, regarding Barcelona’s future, all club members are entitled to vote, provided they are of legal age. It is also important that they have been members for at least one year and have not had their membership suspended for some reason.

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The total number of people who are entitled to vote in the election are 110,290 people, although 22,811 of those opted to cast their votes by mail, of which 20,663 eventually did so.

Messi arrived at the Camp Nou to vote for the new president as he was accompanied by his son Thiago.

Apart from him, other Barcelona players including Jordi Alba, Riqui Puig, Sergio Busquets and Sergio Roberto also cast their vote.

After casting his vote, candidate Laporta said it is the most important election in the history of Barcelona.

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“These are the most important elections in the history of Barça. I have gone out to vote and the sun has risen. I encourage everyone to come to vote, to participate. A high turnout is always better,” Laporta said.

“We won at El Sadar, also the women’s team, handball … Yesterday was a good day, a preamble to the good day that there will also be today,” he added.

“The more participation, the more legitimacy the elected President will have. It is very important that the members come to vote,” Friexa said after casting the vote.

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Font also encouraged the members to cast their vote for the most important election in the club history.

“These are the most important elections in the contemporary history of the club. There are many members at all of the venues, and so far there has been a good turnout. Encourage everyone, the future is in your hands,” Font said.

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