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Messi could Face ‘FIFA ban’ if he fails to resolve the contract situation at Barcelona

Barcelona star Lionel Messi has informed his club that he wants to leave Camp Nou in the upcoming summer window, despite his contract ending next year. However, he could face trouble as Barcelona and Messi are both seeking legal advice on the matter.

The club is ready to fight to retain Messi, whereas the Argentine’s legal advisors would look to get him out of the contract. If things are not resolved, the 33-year old could face a ‘FIFA’ ban.

According to his contract, he is allowed to leave the club by submitting a request by May 31st of every year. This date was fixed as the football season ends in mid-May.

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“If it ended up anywhere, it would be most likely in the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber because Messi, being Argentinian, the FIFA rules would apply, and FIFA has its own set of laws and rules,” De Marco, of Blackstone Chambers, told The Transfer Show on Sky Sports News

“So, it’s unlikely to be Spanish law or English law or Swiss law but it would be the FIFA rules that apply, and they have a commission that can determine these things,” said Nick De Marco QC who has the experience of representing governing bodies, players and agents in such issues.

“Ultimately, either party can then appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. That’s how these sorts of issues are normally dealt with. One possibility, and it’s certainly not one I’m advising anybody, is a player simply just walks out and says, ‘I’m entitled to walk out, so I’m walking out’, he concluded.

In all probability, given the status of the footballer, both parties could reach a financial settlement soon.

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