Three-year boy found after missing for 3 days, drinks muddy water to survive


A 3-year-old boy who went missing for 3 days was found in a creek, drinking muddy water to survive.

The three-year-old was seen by paramedics but remarkably had no serious injuries. Photo credit: AP

Aj Elfalak has vanished from his family’s home in New South Wales, Australia on Friday (September 3), however, was found three days by a police helicopter in a remarkable condition sitting in a shallow creek today (September 6).

Daily Star reported, he was playing near his home when he vanished. Friends and family immediately began searching the vast property but the boy was not found until today.

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Footage taken by police search helicopter shows AJ sitting in a shallow creek just 500 meters from his home. He can be seen drinking muddy water to survive.

Amazingly, the youngster was found in a ‘remarkable’ condition with only some lacerations on his lower legs, ant bites, and nappy rash, according to Special Operations Team Paramedic Gerry Pyke.

His overwhelmed mum, Kelly, collapsed to the ground when emergency services revealed they’d found the toddler. AJ has been reunited with his family at their home in Putty, northwest of Sydney.

His mum after hearing the news Photo credit: AAP/PA Images
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Superintendent Tracy Chapman believed the water source that AJ was found playing in is “potentially what gave him that opportunity to survive”.

An investigation is now underway into what happened to AJ.


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